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I need a favour?


Please be aware.  There are many good people out there that make their living dealing with computer problems.  These people have spent hard $$$ learning their trade just like plumbers and electricians, accountants and even lawyers.  They cannot live by "doing favours".

  "I was just working on a simple letter and my computer screen went blank.  Can you do me a favour and just pop over and take a quick look"?


Q. "I received an email from a friend and all of a sudden my computer started doing strange things.  Can you do me a favour and pop over and take a quick look"?

A.  NO

Q.  "I can't seem to get on the internet today.  Can you do me a favour and pop over and take a quick look"?

A.  NO

Q.  "I just purchased a new computer. Can you do me a favour and pop over and help me set it up"?


I don't mean to sound nasty but.

I ran out of "pop overs" a long time ago.  The wholesale price of them went crazy so I no longer stock them. 

Mouse rescue

I do not charge much but I do charge.  My fee is $75.00 per hour.  If it takes me 3 hours to fix what should have been a 1 hour problem then of course I will charge for 1 hour plus the travel time.  Please be aware that I turn the meter on when I head out the door of my home.  I do enjoy computers and I am happy to help but please understand that I enjoy it more when compensated for my time.

Since I am retired and living most of the time in Panama and I cannot provide services for money here.  I am simply not available in Panama.  My rates are for Canada only.

Part of my problem is that I have developed a serious addiction to (model airplanes) it is an expensive "habit" and I need money and time to feed the habit.. Believe it or not I would rather be working on my planes than your computer.  So please understand.  The average "fix" for my habit is $200 so I am sure you can see the problem. :-)

Run through the following check list before even calling  anyone please.  It is where I or they would start when making a service call to your home and its easy to do and solves many problems.

I usually start by checking the power.  If I find that the computer is simply not plugged in and/or the power bar or whatever is turned off then the fee is $100 on the spot - & a glass of good scotch!

1. Insure all bits and pieces are plugged (firmly) into the right holes.
2. Insure all switches are turned on.
3. Unplug the modem - count to 10 slowly and plug it back in. 
4. Restart the computer.  It should shut down completely and then start up again.  Make sure it is not set to simply go to hibernate or sleep when you go to the "restart" procedure.
5. Did you check the batteries in the mouse or the keyboard?
6. Is there a switch on your power bar?? Is it ON?
7. Sometimes the internet goes down for a while.  That's life.  Check with a neighbour or wait an hour. 
8. Unplug the cable modem - go open a beer - plug it back in.  Check
9. Unplug the router - go open a beer - plug it back in - check again.

Yes I have driven for an hour round trip for each one of the above items.  Yes I was cranky.

So make sure you check these carefully before you make the call.  Email  ihaveread@eyeopener.ca with your phone number and name and I will call when I can.

PS.  Before even calling anyone, and after checking all the stuff I listed above, I recommend a special utility software program that will help keep your system running fast and clean.  Click on the ad in the column to the left called pc pitstop and run the free scan.  You will save us both a bunch of time if you do that.  Or just click here and follow the instructions.  You will feel like a hero and will be amazed at the difference.

PPS. Fixing Apple stuff is such a rare issue that finding talent for that can be a serious challenge.  They build them right to begin with so unless you drop it from the balcony, run over it with a car or take it swimming it should never need fixing.  If/when it does - good luck. :-)

That's enough for this chapter.



PS.  Feel free to share this link if you think it will help somebody.



Yes my stuff is free sort of but you will notice some advertising and yes I make a buck if you click on an ad and buy something  see "always read the fine print"



Support your local computer store.  Then you won't feel so guilty asking questions.