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I get calls from friends, family and friends of friends having  problems with their computers so I thought I might as well start doing a short piece with some of the questions received and answers given.  Thus was born this small website I call Geezer Aid  (it seems most of my friends qualify for the title these days).  I try to write without computer jargon (or "geek speak") and in a manner that I hope will be easy to understand and utilize.

I spent the last 27 years directly and indirectly involved in the computer business.  Computers continue to fascinate and challenge me and never cease to amaze me with the ways they can mess with your mind. 

Like any complex tool or machine you do need to learn to operate them properly to get the most out of them.  There are many good courses taught by private institutions and of course the continuing ed. departments of every school and college in the country.   Learn to understand and operate your computer properly and you will have years of enjoyment.  Fail to do that and you will have yourself a very expensive and frustrating paper weight.

The tips I am providing will "assume" you have the basics of operation somewhat ingrained into you.   Having said that it seems there are functional issues that still cause some grief and the local geek may as well be speaking Spanish when you ask a question.   I will try to write so that you can understand and make use of the information.   Sometimes I will preach a bit so get used to it.

I do hope it helps.  Please don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it but remember I only have some of the answers. 

The Basics.  some simple things that you neeed to know.

Phishing.  What does this mean and some things you need to know.

Email.  A whole bunch of protocol and tips and tricks.

Free Stuff.  What you need to know and when is it too good to be true.

Routers & Wireless   This is my attempt to take away the mystery behind this stuff and also explain the importance.

VOIP - Vonage, Magic Jack, Shaw Phone, Skype, etc etc. Embrace the technology.  It works and its not just for geeks.

About -Pornography - Have you been surfing in the gutter.  Protect your family and check this out.  This is important information.

Backup - It's not a matter of if your computer will die someday its more a matter of when!

Computer repairs -  All kinds of tips and tricks that should help - and as soon as groceries and gasoline are free then I will be happy to "pop over"  and take a look. 


Send your questions to bill@geezeraid.com

PS.  Feel free to share this link if you think it will help somebody.


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